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Winning The Pick 3 Lottery System – How To Win The Pick 3 Lottery Strategies

Winning The Pick 3 Lottery System - How To Win The Pick 3 Lottery Strategies
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Happy 2013….20 years of research and study continue produce Pick 3 Lottery WINS across this nation and around the world wherever a Pick 3 Lottery is played as outlined in my System.

(2) Includes a Money Management and an Investment Strategy to maximize your winnings that other systems don’t provide.

I took the time to study and learn it. By focusing on the base numbers and the tracking process you show in your book it is quite simple to use, and that is how it works.

I have learned to read the numbers and see how the numbers are connected to each other. I have personally made more money playing the Pick 3 with your system than I made on my regular job these past 2 months, June and July, 2013.

I have had so many straight winners with your system, in June …. 14 winners, in July …. 8 winners, and so far this month … 6 Winners.

Another email and another Straight Winner for Brett in North Carolina on August 23, 2013. This time he won on the Triple 222 using my system.

After I published my first book on the Pick 4 lottery, I pulled out my research on the Pick 3 lotto that I started back in 1995.

I wanted to do it right and concentrate on one lotto game at a time. By focusing on one game at a time I am able to provide you with these lottery strategies and teach you to win these game. I applied these Pick 3 strategies to the most recent drawings from different State Lotteries around the United States, the Canadian Provinces of Quebec, Ontario, and Western Canada, Puerto Rico and other Caribbean Islands, Belgium, Chile Toto 3 and Toto 3 Dia, Peru Super 3, and Western Australia Cash 3 Lotteries.

I randomly chose different months in 2009 to test and retest the strategies. I was simply “blown away” by the results that were produced, not just in Illinois, but in every state and country I researched.

The System I developed is unlike other systems in the marketplace because I DO NOT use the traditional filters of hot and cold, odd and even, high and low or overdue numbers. I do not use wheels either.

All these processes have a way of eliminating numbers. Once the player eliminates one single digit, he or she creates losing numbers. Each time one of the eliminated digits is drawn, then that number is an automatic loser for the player.

My lottery system has shown success with both the traditional ball drawings as well as computer generated drawings.

Mr. Walsh, Each time I have asked you a question about your Pick 3 system you have sent back a response. With each tip I learned, and using the tracker sheet here in North Carolina, I hit three exact hits over this past weekend, and two were back to back hits. The way I see it I made $1,000 this weekend using your system, and it didn’t cost me one red cent. I knew your system would work, and now I have the proof. Thanks a lot. Pete ………………North Carolina

→ There is a learning process involved in order to be successful. → Learning is subjective to each person. Each person has developed individual study habits over the years including reading and comprehension. Some individuals are quick learners while others take longer to comprehend the system and how to use it correctly. Once you successfully learn my system, you have it for a LIFETIME. → The required math skills are simple basic addition and subtraction. → Spending the individual… Read more…

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