Friday, May 17, 2013

Horse Racing – Winning the Modern Game – American HorsePlayer

Horse Racing – Winning the Modern Game - American HorsePlayer
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Winning at horse racing is a matter of knowing the ability of the horses to run the race today, and betting on the possibilities.

The race track knows the abilities of the horses, and puts the races together according to those abilities. With Ability-X Ratings – horse racing daily in hand, you can bet and win at the game of horse racing…. knowing the abilities better then any top professional handicapper, and maybe better then many top professional trainers.

Handicappers are trained to bet on meaningless statistics and last month’s form. They also insist on doing only what other handicappers do, while 97% lose. This is great news for everyone that can understand and do what the 3% do.

My Ebook – "AtHome HorsePlayer II", shows you exactly how the odds are always on your side in horse racing, and gives you the detailed instruction on how you can take full advantage.

"Winning the Modern Game Betting on Ability," The modern game depends on the race track knowing the ability of the horses entered, and "Ability-X Ratings" puts that advantage on your side too. It is the only accurate rating of the thoroughbred’s ability to run the race today.

"AtHomeHorsePlayer II, Winning the Modern Game, Betting on Ability with Ability-X Ratings"

You win with AtHome HorsePlayer II – Ability-X Ratings and Horse Racing InForm, it is that simple. You get InForm for 60 days, and a 60 day guarantee of Satisfaction on all.

As a participant and observer since the 1970′s, my own analysis of how America’s #1 Spectator sport has declined to today’s low point is wrapped around a concept of the degree of difficulty in playing the game. For average people looking in, it must appear very difficult to play the game of horse racing, since the entire industry insists that the new player must first become a handicapper in order to understand and play the game.

By advertising this notion widely, and charging a high price for any information used in playing the game, a large number from 2 generations have abandoned horse racing for casinos and lottery games. Not because those games are better, or that most people can do better at those games, but, simply because those games are seen as being easier to play then horse racing.

From an entertainment perspective, the atmosphere of the casino, and the quick scratch of the gambling itch offered by lotteries may equal the appeal of horse racing for many people that consider only that face value. The horse racing industry has also painted itself into a corner by advertising widely the notion that you have to do a lot of hard work, in order to win at the game of horse racing.

Here, in 2013, the general public that knows little to nothing about horse racing does believe that it is complex, hard to learn, harder to understand, and does require a lot of work for any success.

This entire idea is mostly marketing pap, designed to appeal to the supposed better educated upper middle class. For the most part, it is completely untrue, and the horse racing industry should backtrack on this, as quickly as possible. Thousands of well educated people have taken up past performance handicapping over the decades, for the intellectual challenge.

The smartest of the bunch have failed in pretty much the same percentages as the folks that they percieve as average dumbasses. Common sense is the intellectual quality that is more likely to propel anyone to success in betting horses. This is the truth in advertising that has been absent from… Read more…

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