Sunday, April 7, 2013

Betting Cash King

Betting Cash King
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How would you like to earn tax free money in breath taking amounts, every single day of your life? That’s what I’ve been doing for the last 10 months and I’ve already profited over £300,000 using the world’s most elite betting system.

With my winning system you too could be winning in under one hour from now and pocketing huge profits.

I will allow you to try my risk free, winning strategy for 60 days completely free and without obligation!

I’m going to explain exactly how my powerful system works in just a moment, first I want to introduce myself and my unique story.

My name is Robert Shelvey and I used to work for one of the biggest investment banks in the world. I’m now a very successful professional gambler.

After completing my post-graduate studies in 2006 at Oxford, me and my best friend Justin were headhunted by one of the largest investment banks in the world, who manage well over US$650 billion in assets.

You see Justin isn’t an ordinary person. He is the closest thing I know to a real living genius… And studying at Oxford I came across A LOT of worthy contenders.

He specialised in constructing, testing and implementing automated trading systems to pinpoint profit opportunities on the stock, currency and commodity markets.

These systems use mathematical formulas, algorithms and filters to scan the markets, and give billion dollar asset managers signals when it’s time to BUY, and when it is time to SELL.

This secret has NOTHING to do with the financial markets. But stay with me, because this is where things start to get interesting…

After joining the bank, myself and Justin worked 14 hour days, sometimes six days a week, with me trying to buy low and sell high and Justin trying to unravel the hidden code of the markets.

Experimenting with complex trend indicators, he worked in conjunction with me, the other traders and the analysts to design the perfect ‘trend-spotting’ system.

One particular model he designed proved wildly successful both in theory and practise. It works by combining multiple trend indicators in a unique mathematical formula to identify upward and downward price movements.

Justin had a direct hand in designing and troubleshooting that system. But he never received any reward or praise from our bosses or our colleagues.

Justin has never been a person motivated by money. He always despised the bright lights and flashy City lifestyle that was thrust upon him when we moved to London.

He always preferred the praise of doing something the best it could be done. He always had to be number 1 and would work much much harder than I did at University in order to achieve that.

From day one, the cocky city traders had tended to treat Justin like the ‘nerd in the computer department’. And even though it was his system that helped his paymasters make highly profitable trading decisions – it was the traders, not Justin, who raked in the huge money and all the credit.

Sure, he was well paid. But he would always be the ‘button-pusher’ – never getting any kind of acclaim that even the middle-rung traders were getting when they closed the big deals that Justin’s system had prompted.

That’s why, at the start of 2011, Justin secretly began looking for a way he could personally profit from what he knew about market movements. He was looking for a way where he could determine the course of his life himself without relying on other… Read more…

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