Monday, April 8, 2013

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ONLY 46 Copies Left!!
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If you’ve ever dreamt of consistently cashing in BIG winning tickets on a daily basis, without spending hours poring over charts or throwing money away with tipsters, you definitely need to spend the next few minutes reading every word on this page.

I know you’ve seen headlines like the above before. Whether it’s an advert promising you’ll “lose your gut,” or “add inches to your manhood,” or promising “you’ll be rich enough to have a Lamborghini for every day of the week,” no doubt you’ve seen the outlandish promises, and there’s certainly no shortage of outrageous claims when it comes to racing system and tipster adverts.

I know; I’ve bought most of them… bought into their lies and then bought their crappy systems. Have you spent more on systems and tipsters than wagers?? I have.

My Name is Barry "Baz" Monogan (Yes that’s a nice picture of me smiling :0) I was at Exeter Racetrack one windy Tuesday afternoon early last year and I was enjoying none of it. Bet after bet, one ticket after another found its way to the ground instead of the cashier.

My latest combination of “guaranteed” system picks coupled with “sure things” from a costly tipster were losing, badly! Wagers based on horse’s names and family birthdates couldn’t do any worse. No adrenaline “rush” that day. It had been replaced by a sinking, churning feeling in my stomach. Do you know the feeling?

Nursing a pint out of the weather, (I barely had enough money for bets let alone pints,) a pleasant looking, stubby older man caught my eye. Maybe it was the Panama fedora that seemed so out of place on that dreary day.

Race after race he practically “danced” his way past me to the cashier’s window, walking away whistling while adding new bills to a roll so big, he struggled to squeeze it back into his pocket.

“Stupid old man… stupid hat” I thought. His good mood made my foul mood even worse. His bad hat and my bad mood aside…

I called out as he walked by, “It’s good day for you, mate! Swap you a pint for a tip in the next one?”

He paused, looked down at his notes on the program, shrugged and looked back at me. " I Don’t have a pick for the next race but I’ll drink your pint for my pick in the 4th.”

And that is how I met Terence. As we settled onto a bench with our brew, he held his notes for the 4th race in front of me. “Mr Bennett then?” I leaned forward confirming what he’d circled. “That’s the one. And look at the line!” Terence beamed before he took a sip.

I opened my Racing Post to the 4th race. 16/1 morning line. Based on everything else about the horse, 50/1 wouldn’t have shocked me. There was absolutely no reason to throw money away on that nag.

I had to ask, “Mate, I don’t know about this… what are you seeing there that I’m missing?”

“I don’t see anything,” he’d put extra emphasis on the “I.” “But my system says that Mr Bennet gets my money.” His smug little face winked at me. “Ah, your system.” Poor old sod got suckered into a system, I thought. But then again, HE was cashing tickets that… Read more…

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