Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Half Dollar 4 $600 Lottery System – 999 Book of Numbers

Half Dollar 4 $600 Lottery System - 999 Book of Numbers
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I will try to keep this letter short and sweet for you because I know you have to get back to creating your plays for the next Pick 4 lottery drawing.

But listen up for the next few minutes because what I have to tell you might well be worth your undivided attention.

· Have you ever missed cashing in on a $600 lottery payout because you did not know a triple was about to drop inside your Pick 4 Cash 4 drawing?

· Have you ever wanted to be handed a System that would tell you exactly what two sets of triples to play days before the triple in the Pick 4 falls?

If this is you, then you need to get your hands on 999’s new Pick 4 Lottery System called “Half Dollar 4 $600”. This is a system devoted exclusively to predicting when a triple will show in your state’s Pick 4 drawing.

As you know, a triple in the Pick 4 produces combinations like 6662, 4888, 9929, 3111, 7888 etc. These are $600 box numbers because each can only show four different ways.

And the best part is that this new System is easy to use. You will not need any lottery software or wheels to figure out what you should play once one of the “trigger” combinations shows up in your lottery.

This new System is genuinely set to bring more winning combinations to players who want to have a clue when the next ".50 cent for $600 dollar" triple falls.

Otherwise known as the HD-4-600 System, it gives you the exact triples to play in an upcoming drawing as early as 1 to 21 days before the actual triples in the Pick 4 falls. In some states, it averages just six days before the winning triple combination falls.

All you have to do is to look for particular combinations, called “trigger” combinations, and when you see any of these in your Pick 4 drawing, you play a set of 14-20 numbers which are given to you, and then wait for your triple to fall.

· A specific set of just 20 triple combinations to play when you see any one of the “trigger” combinations (i.e. Strategize and Play),

· A “hit” winning combination that could occur within 1 to 21 days. Although using this brand new system produced hits in some states an average of 6 days as mentioned before, in three particular states, a hit occurred as early as Day 1 and Day 3 (see which 3 states on page 17 and 18 in the booklet).

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