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A Dream Book used to win the lottery – over 1,500 Dream Symbols

A Dream Book used to win the lottery – over 1,500 Dream Symbols
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First Recollection of Dream Books – Dream a Lottery Win Tonight is a modern dream book very different from the dream books of old. When I was a child, my parents would "play the numbers". This was before state lotteries, so I cannot recollect how the numbers were determined. I do recollect that my father would make a daily trek (he actually walked) to Smittys, the corner grocery store, where he would make his 25 cent bet. Smitty also told him the number that had won the prior day. It seemed to me that everyone in the neighborhood participated in the game. When my dad or one of the neighbors won, the whole neighborhood celebrated. Usually, this meant hot dogs and Coca-Cola for all the children at Mr. Kashawlics or Mr. Andriychuks or the Simons . .

The Gypsy Woman’s Dream BookMany of the families had their favorite dream book that they would use to look up their numbers. My family had a favorite as well. It was given to my mother by her mother and was very old. She told me that it was given to the family by its author, an old gypsy woman from the "old country". My mother would tell the story of how my grandmother, while still living in a border town in Poland, helped the gypsy woman’s daughter with a difficult birth. The book was a gift for her help in delivering a healthy newborn. I remember the book was yellowed from age, the cover had long ago vanished, it was brittle to the touch, many of the pages were missing, and it had an unusual bookish scent. Never-the-less, many neighbors would stop by to counsel my mother about their dreams and the number they should play that evening. They talked endlessly about their dreams, sometimes weeping, sometimes laughing, but the discussion always ending with what number does the old gypsy woman predict. The book worked for our family and many others. As a child, the book seemed to possess magical qualities. Although only fragments of the book remain today, many of the dream symbols appearing in Dream a Lottery Win Tonight are from the old gypsy woman’s dream book.

Modern Research on How Dream Books Work As an adult, still fascinated by how this book was able to predict numbers for so many in our community, I decided to do research on the magical qualities the book seemed to possess. This dream book is the result of that research.

Surprisingly, the research led me on a fascinating and wonderful journey. The journey started with Eastern Mysticism and books like the Bhagavad-Gita and the Upanishads. I followed the gypsy’s magic to the sands of Upper Egypt, where an Arab peasant named Muhammad Ali found the Gnostic Gospels of Thomas and Mary Magdalene in a red earthenware jar buried in the Egyptian sand. These gospels gave me confidence that the magical qualities I was searching for were not heretical or unorthodox. This exotic book took me to the very frontiers of the new science of Quantum Mechanics. Here I learned about subtle energies and found the Science of Intention. In my quest for answers to the gypsy’s secrets, I read about the Divine Proportion and its influence on the lottery number sequence. I read about spiritual technology, mantra science, yoga exercises, and meditation. I found the magic in the experience of the Source of Thought. I never could have imagined that a gypsy from the "old country" could be so sophisticated. In many ways, her spirit was guiding me, teaching me about her special… Read more…

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