Thursday, May 23, 2013

Guaranteed Horse Racing Profit

Guaranteed Horse Racing Profit
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Dear Racing Enthusiast, Apologies for the boldness and nature of the headline, but it was important to get your attention. The next 5 minutes could have a huge impact on your life particularly in these hard credit crunch times. I am not going to make a long winded speech, full of BS and long winded claims. I am not going to try and sell you some poxy ebook with a ridiculous selection process that (a) insults your intelligence and (b) loses you a fortune. I am not going to give you access to odds on selections that dent your pocket or any other form of crap system that exists online. I am going to show you proof of some of my winnings and only if you wish to, grant you access to how YOU can win consistently betting on horses. We know the score, we know the dodgy 0898 racing lines, the internet marketers churning out system after system claiming it wins thousands, the crooks who phone up and get you to put your money on their horse and pay them if it wins but of course you are the only loser when it loses, we know them all. Lets get it right how many people consistently win at horse racing. Fact Less than 1% of the people who bet on the horses. We are in the 1% and have been for a long time. We don’t arbitrage, we don’t lay horses we simply back horses in a unique way and win consistently. Previously we have shared this information with a privileged few via snail mail. We are now willing to share it with a privileged few over the internet. You will not have to do anything complicated, we will post the selections on our members page before racing everyday and you will receive a simple sheet of rules which you must follow, and if all is ok place your bets and wait for the winnings. But before I tell you more let me show you some concrete evidence. Below are some screenshots of our winnings – and know they have not been doctored as that is completely pointless. Let’s get it right from the start we don’t do Bullshit and Fake Testimonies Etc, Everything is 100% genuine. the only change is the bet numbers on the Coral account have been changed to try and prevent them closing the account. You will see we have left the losing bets also, everything is transparent

Sign Up Now For Immediate Access to the best Horse Racing System Available – All for around £1 a day, less than the price of The Racing Post * Every Selection Available in the Morning on our Private Members Page * Simple Ebook detailing exact criteria to place your bets. If the criteria change after the selections have been posted then it is not a bet * Access to the same "Dutching Calculator" we ourselves use to work out the stakes to place to obtain our target profit

Below is further proof from the last week, including individual races which show the type of bets we place, so you can see in the race below we staked £18 on Angel Rock and £47 on Caras Request at odds of 9.8 and 3.65 repectively. Angels Rock won giving us a profit after commission of £107, this would have been roughly the same had Caras Request won. (It is not always exact on Betfair as the price will move in points value so we usually round up to the nearest pound). You will note total profit on the 21st May of £ 356… Read more…

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