Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Catalyst Horse Racing System

Catalyst Horse Racing System
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Dear Investor, WOULD YOU LIKE TO TURN £100 INTO £51,200 TAX FREE IN JUST 9 MONTHS? Starting with a bank of £100 and doubling the bank just once a month using The Catalyst System, you would have turned the original £100 bank into the staggering sum of £51,200 in just 9 months! The cumulative effect of increasing your betting bank in this way is extremely powerful and it is exciting to watch your bank grow dramatically as the season progresses. These figures are not pie in the sky. The whole plan is realistic with a sound and logical race selection method followed by a clever selection procedure and money management technique. Just follow the system step by step and you will not fail to make money. You decide how much money you want! Of course if you started with a bigger betting bank you would reach this target a lot quicker. Make the dream a reality! You will discover how you can use a little known horseracing investment strategy to generate a fountain of money for life!

I have been involved in horseracing for over 20 years and have tried to find a system that could make people like yourself a regular income. At the beginning of this year I decided to start checking through all my systems and results to see if there was any pattern between the horses that had won and the horses that had been beaten. After spending lengthy bouts ploughing through old form books and results it was becoming clearer and clearer that I had indeed found something good – very good. I came to the conclusion that: By far the biggest advantage you have over the bookmaker is your race selection. Quote from one of the major on course bookmakers “A bookmaker has to price up for every race but a punter can pick and choose which races to operate in. This is the greatest advantage a punter has over a bookmaker,” The Catalyst System tells you which races to use. Let me explain a little more about different ways of betting…………….

To benefit from this system you need to be disciplined. You see the only way you can fail is by not sticking to the rules……not following the systems methods and advice to the letter. Let me be very clear about this It’s important . If you can’t be disciplined, or you intend to have extra fun bets when you’re £500 up on the day, please don’t apply for The Catalyst System. But if you have a little spare money to play with, and the self-discipline to use it wisely, I don’t think you could make a better investment. With interest rates rising, mortgage payments increasing, credit card debt at it’s highest level and the gap between the rich and poor ever getting bigger, there has never been a better time to make some extra money

I am offering The Catalyst System at this time for only £20. Its value is obviously much higher, but there is no point in pricing it out of reach of the very people who can make best use of it. I will not run on about the fortune you can make with this system, the new car, the holidays etc, I will simply draw your attention that one customer who wrote to me recently to say that he had made 17 points profit on his first day using the system. Another customer who wrote to me recently sent me a copy of another system that he had paid nearly… Read more…

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