Monday, April 15, 2013

Your Winning Selections

Your Winning Selections
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I bet you are sick of false promises and fake products that DO NOTHING OTHER than leave your bank account empty. I know I was!

Well You deserve the TRUTH and thats exactly what I am going to give you in the next 3 mins and 37 secs

This Betting method exploits a small niche that only a small minority are aware of. It’s that good… it has a strike rate of 93.5%

Now I understand better that most that this may sound like a big claim… but carry on reading… and you will see I can back these claims up.

I have been developing software and systems in betting for 8 years now…. successfully I might add. I know that some people boast of making major profits, but usually they have no money to back this up. Well I do.

I genuinely have been developing systems and software in betting that have generated a full time income. In fact, when I say a full time income… I am being modest. I earn a lot more than a full time income. Put it this way, I was pulling in a six figure salary every year in my job.

I decided that it was important for me to enrol a Winning mastermind Group to save on time. You would be shocked at how much work goes into creating a Winning Betting system, not to mention testing the system to ensure it works. My amazing group, became my close friends.

My girlfriend threatened to leave me when I was working on this and tore her hair out at first with the amount of time I had to spend with these guys. But when she saw profits like this…..

she was more than happy to wave me off at the door with a smile on her face. Not to mention enjoying the nice holidays I started to take her on. She realised that this was worth it, she saw the money we were reaping day in, day out. She was happy and understood I was doing this for us.

So you can imagine her face, when I explained I would be selling the system. She didn’t get it. She asked “Why have you all gone to this much trouble, if you’re going to sell it?” “Other people will be pulling in the amounts we do. This is ridiculous”.

Finally… when I could explain (well…. when she stayed quiet for long enough for me to get a word in), I sat her down. There was more than enough money, so long as the system wasn’t sold to too many people. I would only sell this to the first 30 people to buy the system.

That way, the likes of Ladbrooke, Betfair and other betting exchanges wouldn’t get hit at the same time. I knew that once I put this system on the market, it would sell instantly. Which for me… is great. But the problem is, I earn way too much in betting using this system, then I ever would just selling it. So by selling to the first 30 people and not selling any more… means that I have shared an amazing system, and not risked tens of thousands of people utilising my precious system.

That way…. I can continue using these amazing betting systems. After all, it is pulling in profits like this. There is no way on earth I want this to stop using this myself.

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