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index13-3 - Members
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The Best Part? You don’t need any fancy horse racing system, software, or even betting experience… All you need is a racing form & my guide!

Have you ever heard the saying "you can beat a race but you can’t beat the races?" Well, I can tell you it’s true. In fact I know it’s true because I used to be the jerk that tried to beat the races and played every race on the card and got my brains beat out in the process. Hi, my name is Mike Lane.

I’ll never forget what it’s like to be part of the majority of chumps standing at the rail, tearing up tickets, searching for that one longshot that would get me to almost even. Those are some sad memories.

You see, it got to a point where I was so sick of being another guy who couldn’t beg a winner… So, I spent the next two and a half years researching this subject of handicapping, hitting the forms heavy, and betting the horses with what I learnt. It hurt like the dickens, and the learning curve was steep, but suddenly I went from loser to winner.

As I write this I just hit a nice 5-1 horse in the 4th race at Charles Town that paid a nice 12.60!…I think that’s what makes the races so compelling, that there is so much information to factor yet OSOP works and is so simple! I’m going to put OSOP up against another system I’ve had laying around for awhile…and will let you know the results! Ed W., Omaha, NE

Today–I down loaded your OLDEST SYSTEM and tried it on a few races. Guss what! It works. They didn’t pay big but I’ll take it. I cn’t beleave its so simple. TKS TKS Well worth the cost. Harry G., USA

coming to your system…..what can I say…I have been testing ever since I bought your book and believe me I am able to spot long shots exactly the way you have claimed…I just cant believe it…to give the range of odds, it varies anywhere between 2 to 1 to 20 to 1!….just yesterday I spotted one which won at 5 to 1….its very good odds…other day, I backed one at 9 to 1….accuracy is currently hovering around 60% but at these odds, I am sure one can stay in profit (based on probability theory)…well, I consider myself to be very lucky to stumble upon your website & your system…I want to thank you profusely for what you have shared…also, one of the book that you have sent (Winners) is amazing… this book motivates even a dead to get up and do what they like in life…amazing book… thanks for that… Lastly, I am still testing your system and its doing well (you are right that you dont get speed burners at higher odds very often) and on the verge of implementing it fully soon… will keep you posted on the outcomes – Vinay, India

I tried your system out last Friday at six different race tracks. I bet 28 races that fit your system at $2 each…My return was just over $75. Not bad for my first day. I guess the winnings…covered my investment…so I’m ahead for the rest of my life! Looking forward to trying it out again my next visit to the track. – David, New Jersey, USA

A friend of my father (who is now deceased) gave me another horse racing system. This one… Read more…

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