Saturday, April 13, 2013

Instant Winning Bets

Instant Winning Bets
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You’re here because you’ve been let down too often by betting systems that promised you £100s but instead robbed you of your hard earned cash and delivered nothing.

Most of all though, you’re here because you want to seize control of your life again and start enjoying it.

All I ask is that you spare the next few minutes of your time and I in turn, will promise you years of hefty bank accounts.

I must emphasise just how important it is that you keep paying attention. I don’t know how long this website can remain online for. Once the bookies catch hold of this they could shut us down.

My name is Tim Bolton and before I explain how this ingenious system works, let me tell you about myself and how I got here.

I worked as a City Banker for 5 years in one of the world’s biggest firms in Tokyo and London.

I studied Mathematics at Cambridge University and excelled in my studies. I was headhunted very quickly by huge multi-national firms and landed my dream job. I was earning good amounts of money and although I was working around the clock, I was happy…or so I thought.

I was in the thick of it, working on the stockmarket floor. Everyday I would buy and sell stocks and shares in various commodities and conduct extensive research into how financial markets perform.

As I’m sure you’re aware the stock market is a very stressful place so in order to ease my workload I decided to map out various trends in the markets to see if I could come up with a formula to predict market movement.

I had always been good with pattern recognition. In fact, I see patterns in seemingly unrelated events. Within a few days I had constructed a formula that allowed me to predict exactly when the best opportunity would be to buy and sell shares. I began experimenting with various trend profiles and I came up with an incredible trend-prediction system.

Please don’t lose me here….this may not have much to do with betting but keep reading as this is where things start hotting up…

On the 25th April I got a call from my brother to tell me that my father had committed suicide. It transpired that he had racked up massive debts betting on the horses and his life had spiraled out of control. Ever since I could remember, my father was always betting on the horses. My childhood was spent at the bookies watching with horror as my father placed one bet after another on horses that never won.

There was no pattern to his bets and absolutely no research on his part. All he was doing was throwing his money….our money down the drain.

Our family had been torn apart and eventually my mother took us and left him. I lost contact with my father and vowed never to end up like him. I vowed never to gamble.

Unfortunately, life has a funny way of turning the tables on you. As the financial world became rocked by the so-called Credit Crunch my job became more and more tedious and insecure.

During these dark days, I kept getting flashbacks of my childhood…the ones I had tried to block out. I could only think of one thing….how things might have been if my father had not gambled his life away. I got a sense that it was my responsibility to reduce the likelihood of that happening… Read more…

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