Monday, April 29, 2013

First Favourites

First Favourites
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Some people dedicate their entire lives to horse racing. They love the betting, watching the horses and the whole experience of being at the racecourse. They spend every waking moment learning everything that there is to know about the sport…

But, what do you do if you want to enjoy horse racing and you want to make a nice profit, but…

…you don’t have the time to invest every waking moment to eat, sleep, live, and breath horseracing!

You see, I wasn’t always a winner. When I first started out betting on horses I lost quite a bit. In fact, I lost so often, that winning was actually a rare and precious thing to me! But whatever I did, I’d always end with a lot less than when I’d started.

I was literally pouring money down the drain and I just didn’t understand what someone had to do in order to become a winner.

There was information out there, of course, but none of it made any sense to me. And as soon as I learned one thing it seemed that someone else was saying something completely different!

Back when I first started learning how to bet the internet wasn’t around, but there were still plenty of tipsters who were willing to take money in exchange for a tip.

The truth is, most of the time these tipsters were just a waste of money and cost me even MORE when I actually acted on their advice!

I felt the same way that most people do when they get into betting on horses… lost, confused, and frustrated.

The problem was, I was just dipping my toe in the water instead of diving in head first. Simply put, I was a dabbler.

I realised that learning everything I possibly could was the only way for me to actually succeed. And, back then, it WAS the only way!

Luckily things aren’t like that anymore. This is the information age, so you no longer have to do it this way, but unfortunately for me I did.

I spent countless hours learning everything that there was to learn about how to pick winning horses:

Before I put myself through this intensive training, I would look down at the horses and their jockeys in the Racing Post, then I’d try to find the one that I was betting on. I figured that as long as I watched and knew about that runner then I’d be fine.

But after I started to center my entire life around horse racing, I would look down at a race and know exactly who they all were. And I was usually right when it came time to pick the winners.

Now, of course, I wasn’t right 100% of the time, but I was right far more often than the average bettor, or even the average tipster.

At this time I wasn’t betting. You see I actually stopped betting completely while I was learning everything there was to know about horse racing. I was just recording my favourite bet in each race and watching to see whether they won or not.

Of course, I was also tracking my results and after a few months I realised that if I started betting again…

I would take out some profit, double my bankroll again, take out my profit, and repeat this endlessly!

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