Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mass Money Machine

Mass Money Machine
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Weighed down with enough debt that even though you’re not always thinking about it, it never truly leaves your mind…

And that’s why you started looking for a way to make some money online in the first place, isn’t it?

You already know a dirty little secret that surprises the tens of thousands of people that come online for the same reasons as you, every single month.

…how to be a dropshipper, a blogger, a talented writer, an seo and ppc expert, a social media wizard, a product developer, and affiliate marketer, and more…

So why are all the Internet gurus constantly selling you on their so-called ‘systems’ that teach you to be just those things?

Why are they bombarding your inbox with offers – day in and day out – promising that they will make you rich with these systems?

The first reason is, you really DO need to know almost all of that stuff if you want to make money online.

Their sweet rides, their luxury vacations, their fancy homes, and lots and lots of nights at the clubs.

The good news is that you DON’T have to pay for their dreams or finance their exorbitant lifestyles…

Or maybe you’d just take a rest for a while and be lazy – putting the 9-5 daily grind behind you…

And it’s proven to work like clockwork, stuffing my accounts full of as much cash as I want, every single day.

With Binary Options you’re placing an investment in a stock like Apple® or FaceBook® or a commodity like Gold or Silver or a currency pair like the USD versus the Euro…

You’re not locking away your hard earned money for months or years at a time on a wing and a prayer that your investment will grow 1 or 2%…

You’re actually investing in the IDEA that the stock, commodity, or currency pair will go Up or go Down.

There are – in fact – about 3% of all the people that try these so called professions do actually succeed.

If you don’t want to hustle hard for 18 hours a day doing all that work to try to be one of the very small percentage that makes it…

Well, that wasn’t REALLY a minor, but I grew fond of using my psychology and math skills to win at BlackJack at a local casino in my early years.

I was the only twenty something kid back then with a wallet crammed full of cash, a brand new car, and all the food and beer I could dream of.

A typical day at ‘work’ for me started at about 10PM, with me strolling up to the BlackJack tables, decked out in unnecessarily expensive clothes.

Then I’d go cash out my chips, head to the bank, make my daily deposit, and go back to my Suite to sleep.

And while that gives me a certain level of self-satisfaction, back then satisfaction didn’t pay my bills or fatten my bank accounts.

I put almost everything I had into a prominent Wall Street firm that touted safe and effective ‘wealth management’.

But, as you may recall, 2008 was the year the market was totally obliterated – practically overnight.

And over the course of about a year, the Wall Street firm I had entrusted my money to, lied, cheated…

… and stole their way through my entire fortune with risky investments and incompetent management.

Now, at 48 and with a family to take care of, for the first time in my life I did not know how I would pay my bills.

And I decided to take matters… Read more…

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