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How To Start A Promotions Business – The Profitable Promoter

How To Start A Promotions Business - The Profitable Promoter
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How To Start and Develop Your Own Promotions & Event Marketing Business To Make A Full-Time Living Doing What You Love

This manual will be your guide to reaching the top 1% in the nightlife promotions and event marketing industry. A career in promotions will give you so many amazing perks and benefits that it will blow your mind, and that is on top of the fact that you will be making a serious amount of money along the way. You will be living a life that people only dream about or see in a movie.

This manual gives you raw, straightforward industry facts, tips, and secrets that have made me hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in the nightlife promotions and event marketing industry. The nightlife promotions and event marketing industry is one of the best industries on the face of this earth, and allows you to make a ton of money while working a job that is incredible fun, and rewarding on so many levels.

The information in this manual gives you years of knowledge from one the best nightlife promoters and event marketers in the game, compiled into a step-by-step manual all for the price of a vodka and soda in a NYC lounge..

How would you like to put an end to your money worries FOREVER? The information contained in this manual will give you the knowledge to successfully navigate the world of nightlife promotions and make big bucks, and do it FAST!  The only worry that is on the mind of a successful nightclub promoter is where to take his next exotic vacation, what luxury car he is going to buy, or what fine dining restaurant he is going to satisfy his hunger at.  The profit margins are HUGE in the nightlife and event marketing industry, and that means huge profits for you!

 I show you how to quickly secure employment at the best nightlife venues in your market and negotiate a deal that will have you on the way to living the life of your dreams!  The flexibility that nightclubs promotions and event marketing allows, coupled with the amount of money and connections you make is unparalleled. You have the legitimate opportunity to make a lucrative income working working a flexible schedule! So take a second and imagine what you could do with your life making that type of money and working those hours.

How would you like to bypass most of the growing pains that come with starting a new profession? There is no better way to become successful in a given profession than by learning from the best in the business and drawing on their experience. Going out and trying to become successful in this business will take a lot of time and come with growing pains.

This manual teaches you to avoid common pitfalls that cost promoters big bucks and creates set backs that keep them from making big money. This step-by-step guide arms you with the knowledge to jump in with both feet and dominate your city’s nightlife scene!

Your competition will not stand a chance against you after you read and implement the tactics contained in this manual.  I was in one of the fiercest nightlife promotional markets in the country and rose to the top using the tactics contained in this manual.  I rubbed shoulders with the hottest celebrities in the world and made crazy money while doing it.

"I am a real student of the nightlife business and industry, and what I have compiled in this manual will be worth hundreds of… Read more…

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