Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Home Travel Business How to start a successful travel agent business & Make a lot of Money online Working from Home

Home Travel Business How to start a successful travel agent business & Make a lot of Money online Working from Home
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Home Travel Agent Business >> "How A Stay at Home Mom Accidentally stumbled Upon the Exact Steps to Making Money online & Working from Home!"

If you’ve ever wanted to be your own boss, run a business that gives you the freedom to work from home on the Internet, creating powerful money- streams of income for you, then read on . . .

Hello! My name’s Claudia, I am an online business owner and stay at home Mom, I have been working from home since June of 2000. In just a moment, I’m going to show you the secrets behind daily online income from your own home based business, I hope you’re ready to start making money online! Your going to learn how to start a successful travel agent business & Make a lot of Money online Working from Home while traveling the world for free! Imagine rolling out of bed, turning on your computer, coffee in hand of course and seeing money in your inbox, a home based travel business can build financial freedom. You see, being able to make money from home . . . or from the beach . . . or from your mother-in-law’s (ok, maybe not there!) has allowed my family so many precious gifts, whether it’s the flashier things like the beach front condo we purchased a few years back, or the 10 day Alaska vacation last year – both paid in full. We spend weekends at the beach, travel where we want, and when we want. Christmas this past year was the best ever, and it was all paid for in cash. And we’re just sending our daughter off to college and you guessed it, no financing needed. I don’t say any of this to brag . . . It’s just that I understand what it’s like to be on the other side of the fence – not being able to afford brand name . . . well, anything. Going without haircuts so that the kids could have theirs… Rarely ever seeing what a full tank of gas looked like. It’s the times like those when I would promise that I’d gladly help as many people as I could to elevate their lifestyle and their choices, if only I could first find a way to do it for myself.

It all started in June of 2000 when my Mom gave me my first computer and I, with the subtlety of announcing that we were having chicken for dinner, decided that I was going to make money online by starting a travel business! There was only ONE problem . . . I didn’t even have a clue about how to actually run a travel business, make money on the Internet, much less how to make a website. (I was lucky at that point in my life if I could actually turn the darn thing on.) My family thought I was nuts and I remember becoming so frustrated staring at the blue screen….. I was making a website, building an online travel business! Like so many others out there, I was simply overwhelmed with the sheer volume of information and endless lessons, I had to learn the hard way…..

I was this close to joining the 95% Club – you know, the 95% of the population who starts and gives up without ever turning a dime of profit . . . I had mountains of ideas and just could not get anything to work. My computer skills were totally improved, I found suppliers, posted vacations for my travel business, placed ads where I could and was ready to give up. I just couldn’t let it get the best of me – I grit my teeth and pushed on, vowing never to… Read more…

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