Sunday, September 1, 2013

Jason Bond Subscriptions & Pricing

Jason Bond Subscriptions & Pricing
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"Hey JB! Thanks for the ZNGA heads up, went in a while ago. Up 38% this AM cashed out with over $7,000 in profit…all from my phone!!! thanks JB, it’s due to your insight!" ~ Dawn M.

"Jason, I’m new to your service. I just want to say I really appreciate your energy, attitude, knowledge, and clarity of communication. And one more…your honesty. I can’t tell you how refreshing that is in today’s world. THANK YOU for your service, I hope to keep learning a lot." ~ James M.

"J- JUST took my $5,000 account and turned it into $9,500 in 3 weeks. Had I not mixed my portfolio with “my” picks I’d be well over 100%! Thanks so much!" ~ Dong S.

"Your enthusiasm is contagious. I’m getting ready to renew my membership and just wanted you to know that what you are doing here not only affords us a method to make money, but for we in the older realm, it gives us a reason to get out of bed in the morning, which is what it is all about, I call it the Bond Fountain of Youth!" ~ Tom B.

"Jason’s program is allowing me to work as a freelance writer abroad. without it, I’d have been considering an editorial day job again." ~ Michael M.

"I bought LQMT at $.20 from your alerts and since AAPL was involved I bought 100k shares. I sold all 100k today at $.63 for a realized gain of $42,590. Wow, less than a week hold and this is the biggest trade of my life to date. I am with you to the end!" ~ Luke M.

"Best month ever thank you Jason Bond Picks!!! May profit $7,610 or 75.6%. Started May at $10,000 and now at $17,610." ~ Sheila C.

"My account was up 50% in my first 12 months. With the FNMA trade, over the last two weeks, my account jumped another 38% and my portfolio has officially doubled since I joined JBP. Thank you for the education and your continuous hard work scanning the markets for opportunities." ~ Jason A.

"Thank you for alerting GEVO. In at $1.89 and out at $2.40 with 20,000 shares for over $10,000 PROFIT. All together it was a fantastic Wednesday profiting over $12,000. Thank you for what you do and keep up the great work." ~ Michael G. Read more…

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