Monday, August 5, 2013

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Special Offer
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You’re About To Learn An Amazing Little-Known Option Trading Strategy That Can Generate Profits Regardless Which Way The Stock Market’s Moving – Up or Down….

You’re about to learn a little known yet extremely powerful, low risk, high profit potential option trading strategy called Gamma Scalping (or Gamma Trading) that can generate profits no matter WHICH way the stock or index you’re trading moves.

Gamma Scalping is a staple trading technique of professional traders who have been using this strategy for years to generate profits – regardless of overall market conditions or which way the stock or index they’re trading moves.

Gamma Scalping is a strategy that THRIVES in highly volatile market conditions – like the stock market environment we’re experiencing right now.

With Gamma Scalping, High Volatility and Large Moves can equal Big Profits – and it can be done with minimal risk involved.

Gamma Scalping allows you to set up a trade that can profit when a stock or index moves EITHER WAY – UP or DOWN.

As soon as there HAS been a move and your position has a profit – using a very simple adjustment technique taught in these videos – you can capture that gain by ADJUSTING / CAPTURING THAT PROFIT – and in doing so, you automatically ‘re-set’ the position so it can capture even more profit – regardless which way the underlying moves next.

And when you DO make more profit – you can use the adjustment technique again to CAPTURE THOSE ADDITIONAL GAINS…

If you’ve ever wanted to be more active in stocks but just hated the idea of having to take on the amount of risk that’s usually associated with day trading, you’re going to love this trading strategy. Think of this method as an ‘outside the box’ way to day trade without having to pick direction – AND – without having to take on the large amount of risk that’s normally involved.

How many times have you purchased a stock you were sure was going to make a big move – and it did make a big move – only in the WRONG DIRECTION delivering you a big LOSS?

Or, how many times have you purchased a stock and it actually went your way – only to IMMEDIATELY TURN AROUND and retrace right back down to where it started from – leaving you with NOTHING?

Or, how many times have you just wanted to get a bit of skin into the market and try to capture some quick profits on an actively moving stock – only to find yourself freezing up from lack of confidence because you just couldn’t decide WHEN to get in – and whether to start off going short or long?

With Gamma Scalping, all these issues can become non-issues – because you DON’T CARE which way the stock heads in. You can profit either way. AND – you have a way to GRAB profits and CAPTURE returns when they’re realized – helping to protect your gains.

There’s a total of 9 Online Videos that come in the course, with each video containing both ‘instructional’ and ‘hands on’ training walking you through each of the sections covered.

Not only do these videos explain exactly what Gamma Scalping is and how it works – they also teach the specific step by step details to trade this system in a very simple and easy to understand way.

In addition to the instructional portion of the videos, there are also RECORDED LIVE TRADING EXAMPLES – showing real live Gamma Scalping trades being entered, managed, and exited – with real money – using the entry, adjustment, and exit rules taught in the course. Read more…

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