Saturday, July 13, 2013
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You and every other American who doesn’t have faith in the government to protect his rights, liberty and especially not his property. With the state our economy is in now (thanks liberals), pretty soon there isn’t going to much other than “change” left. The days of the prosperous American dream are alive to just a select few… And the big gold dealers know it. Sure, you’ve tried to speak out. Tried to keep a handle on the property that is by all worldly rights yours. Maybe even rally with some of the patriots attempting to save our great nation (thank you Tea Party members!), but the truth of the matter is… America is past the point of no return. Just like our financial system.

A system that used to open doors for honest, hard-working Americans to prosper. Now, this is old news to you. You know what’s coming. You’ve already bought some gold to protect you during the big crash. But here’s the thing gold dealers know:

So, they’ve been cashing in on unsuspecting patriots. Let me tell you something you may not have thought of before: There’s only one way gold holds it value: by the ounce.

It sounds like common sense, but you and I both know common sense is very uncommon. So, let me say it again: There’s only one way gold holds it value: by the ounce. Which is exactly how Big Gold Dealers have been ripping you off. Bear with me and I’ll explain. You’re paying $100 for $20 worth of gold.  And that’s a low-ball estimate. Let’s take a look at some actual numbers. The American Eagle for sale by Goldline (a company endorsed by major conservatives) is a prime example: At the time of writing, gold sits at $1,318.93 per ounce. Goldline sells a 1 ounce American Eagle for $2600 + shipping & handling.

That’s a whopping 197% mark-up. Nearly double the price. Let’s look at an even more radical example. Gold dealers try to tell you that “collectible” or “numismatic” coins are extremely valuable. Mainly because they get their value from gold content and “historic value”. The 1933 St Gaudens Double Eagle was sold for $7.59 million in 2002. The coin is about 0.9675 ounces of actual gold. Today that’s approximately $1,275 worth of gold. In other words, the “historic value” makes 595,294% mark-up OK. How much “historic value” is that coin going to hold when the bottom falls out of the economy? First off no one is going to have $8 million worth of goods to trade you.  Second off, you’re going to want things that you can taste, touch and smell – not dream about. Bottom line is, when gold is about survival, nobody cares how much “collectible” value it has. They want real value. Now, that’s not to say that if an uncle gives you an ultra rare, ultra collectible coin you should throw it away.

You should sell it and buy as much real gold as you can. That’s the only way to guarantee you can live comfortably, no matter what the economy does. So why aren’t more people telling you about this?

I’ll bet that you’ve heard more than a few Tea Party leaders, libertarians and conservative forerunners talk about what a “smart investment” gold is. The sad truth is, many of the “Government Reform” leaders support Big Gold! Unfortunately, money makes the world go round. And Big… Read more…

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