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Evilsizor Transportation Services LLC

Evilsizor Transportation Services LLC
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Do you have your permit book in order? Download our FREE Interstate Permit Checklist today! This is a great resource to keep your permits up-to-date to avoid costly penalties assessed by the port officials. PLUS you’ll receive two bonus items…a Permit Book Cover Sheet AND a Mileage & Fuel Trip Sheet.

Evilsizor Transportation Services LLC has over 75 years of combined interstate transportation experience between Penni Royston and her father, Rex Evilsizor.

Trucking Basics – A New Carrier Guide will help sort out all of the confusion in this industry.

Learn from the experts in all phases of setting up your own trucking or broker company. Save money by avoiding some of the pitfalls many new carriers and brokers face. Benefit from over 75 years of experience from Penni and Rex.

Trucking Basics – A New Carrier Guide is written by a 24 year industry veteran with the goal of translating the ever confusing legal jargon into simple laymen’s terms.

There are many layers of red tape and permits just to drive a truck from one state to another. This is the guide that can sort out the confusion so you can concentrate on your profit margin.

PERSONAL TIP FROM PENNI: Did you know that when you apply for authority the MINUTE you hit the submit button (or your service agency) your phone will ring?

This is the time NOT to answer your phone. Many permit companies will make you think they are the FMCSA/USDOT but THEY ARE NOT! They are fishing for your business and ready to take your money immediately!

“This has been published to meet the demand by those in the motor carrier industry. The format and sequence are of unique quality to enable you to find what you need. It contains transportation information that can assist you now and to keep you informed in your future. This is probably the most "single source" transportation information available for anyone in surface transportation. Congratulations to Penni for doing a superb job in putting it all together in one place!”

“This guide will get you started in the trucking business immediately and knowing that Penni’s office is there to help you out will give you peace of mind. Very easy to understand and doesn’t include a lot of unnecessary information that you won’t need and don’t have time to read anyway. Thank you, Penni.”

“Penni Royston’s "Trucking Basics – A New Carrier Guide" is a great resource for anyone starting out in the trucking business. It covers clearly and concisely all the things you need to know get yourself up and running and compliant with the relevant regulations. Not only is it a "must read" for newbies but I would strongly recommend it for anyone already in the industry looking to make sense of all the rules and regulations so they can operate in accordance with the law.”

Penni Royston, owner of Evilsizor Transportation Services LLC, has worked along side of her father, Rex Evilsizor, in the trucking industry since November of 1990. At first, Penni only planned to work as her father’s secretary but as the business grew she developed computer programs to make the office more efficient and cost effective thus transferring the savings on to the customers.

Penni managed the every growing permit and fuel tax office in every phase of operations. She is now focusing on her customers and offering training on the go through podcasts, webinars and e-books as well as offers one of the leading process agent services in the United States.

Penni is also a natural foods chef! Yes… Read more…

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