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Crush the Regs Sit n Go Strategy

Crush the Regs Sit n Go Strategy
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The all new 2013 SNG Boot Camp is completed and now part of the Members Portal! Over 100 players attended the course and the response was amazing. See the reviews below and get access to all of the Boot Camp recordings and the rest of the content inside the Portal for only $7 today!

If you are still using the same old strategies, push/fold charts and software that has been preached for years….YOU ARE PROBABLY DOING SOMETHING WRONG

Unless you haven’t been playing online for the past year, you have probably noticed that the games, and in particular, the Sit n Go games, are getting harder. And not just the high stakes games, but also the low and mid stakes SNGs. It seems like the "winning" SNG strategy is being utilized by more and more players. Why is this? The answer is simple: The games are evolving. But what does that actually mean?

Let’s go back in time to April 15th, 2011, a day infamously known as Black Friday in the poker community. This was the day that the poker players in the United States got shut out from PokerStars and Full Tilt. While it seemed that the poker world was crumbling, PokerStars continued to march on and dominate the poker market, with over 100,000 players regularly on the site at any given time of the day. Since 2011, two main things occurred that have attributed to the current state of the Sit n Go games.

Bullet point #2 is the main reason that this members area was put together, and also the reason why so many winning players, or once-winning players, have hit a wall this past year, and seen their ROI decrease. In addition, if you are just starting to get into online poker, right now is tougher than ever. While there are tons of forums, strategy sites, training sites, coaches, and with poker becoming a primary source of income for many individuals, there are more and more players who understand proper Sit n Go strategy, which in turn, is making the games more difficult.

Well, no more doom and gloom. So many players these days are saying, "The games are dead. There is no more money to be made." Maybe for them. But not our students and stakees….and not for you either! Take a look at what some of our players have said recently (these are completely unsolicited reviews. These are just the messages we receive randomly on Skype from our full members):

It is comments and testimonials like these that keep me/us working hard to provide you with the best content, resouces and support possible.

Now, while there are a lot of resources out there to help you improve on your game, those resources are often limited, leaving you to search elsewhere for additional help. For example, if you belong to a strategy video site where you pay a monthly subscription, you get access to tons of videos, which is a great resource. However, for many, watching Sit n Go videos can only help so much. So you search various Sit n Go strategy sites and forums for free information. Again, there is some good info out there, but it is often basic, and can take a lot of time trying to find exactly wht you are looking for.

To take your game to the next level, it is tough to do it alone. You also need someone to talk to, review games with, empathize with, share war stories with, etc…How often do you sit there and play a… Read more…

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