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New – Lachnos 6-ball Reduced Lotto Systems Software

New - Lachnos 6-ball Reduced Lotto Systems Software
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I don’t know about you but I find the prospect of a 1 in 14 million chance to win the Lotto jackpot daunting to say the least (6/49 Lotto).

I have been playing the UK National Lottery (or Lotto is it is now called) since it started in 1994. I dare not think how much money I have spent in pursuit of a jackpot that always eluded me!

About four years ago, it finally came to me! I was playing without a system, wasting money on multiple lines that were not related with one another. It might have been birthdays, random numbers or frequently drawn numbers but I had not been making an effort to make them work with each other.

The other Eureka moment was when I finally realised that going for the ‘Big One’ and simply not getting it was really a mug’s game. I would focus on regular, small wins that have much better odds than nearly 1 to 14,000,000

3 numbers 56 to 1 4 numbers 1,031 to 1 5 numbers 55,490 to 1 5 numbers and bonus ball 2,330,635 to 1 6 numbers 13,983,816 to 1

I decided that I would use my programming skills to analyse the winning patterns and come up with the smallest possible number of 6-number lines (also known as ‘games’ in some countries) that virtually guarantees a 3, 4 or 5 win. The outcome is a ‘reduced lotto system’.

How many lines do we need to play to cover all 10 numbers for a guaranteed win? The answer is just 2. We would need 210 lines to guarantee the Jackpot:

These examples are meant to demonstrate the idea of finding the smallest number of lines to play, from a set of chosen numbers, so that if the 6 winning numbers are drawn from that set you have a guaranteed win.

Imagine then what Lachnos 6/X Lotto can do for you, since it contains all the mathematical algorithms to generate these reduced systems to cover from 9 to 23 numbers. Yes, you can cover 23 out of the 49 numbers, nearly 50%, for the relatively modest cost of 77 lines! The latest version supports all 6-ball Lotteries from 6 / 35 to 6 / 60, so a better name for it is  Lachnos 6/X Lotto ! And that’s not all! Lachnos 6/X Lotto has several options to help you increase the odds for 4 or 5 wins, at the cost of course of more lines. What you see below is a screenshot that shows how a Boost Level of 1 on a set of 12 numbers, not only guarantees a 4-win but can do a lot better too:

It shrinks the 8008 lines you need for a full expansion to just 17! Can you choose the ‘right’ 16 numbers out of 49?

If the Lotto numbers are drawn out of your chosen 16, you have a guaranteed win, although the odds for a Jackpot are still low!

It works with all 6 ball Lottery games, from 6/35 to 6/60, including 6/49 as played in the UK, Canada, USA, Spain, Germany, Romania, Greece etc.

How to use this table: If you want to play 16 numbers, for example, you find ’16′ on the left hand column. Then you decide what guaranteed outcome you want to go for (3, 4 or 5). Let’s say, you want to go for ’3′. Under ‘Number of tickets for Target Win, you pick the column headed ’3′ and then pick up the… Read more…

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