Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Your own Sports & Racing Tipster Service

Your own Sports & Racing Tipster Service
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"Have you heard about the new GOLD RUSH? it’s on RIGHT NOW, and It’s Time For YOU To Fill Your Boots "

If you haven’t heard about the "Gold Rush", don’t worry – you haven’t missed out because what’s happening now is just beginning.

If you have heard about it, then the chances are that you have been frantically panning for gold. Well listen to me and STOP RIGHT NOW.

Instead of standing up to your knees in mud, looking for the big nugget that’ll be the key to your fortune, you should be standing on the bank, giving other panners what they want, instead. Not only is it far more comfortable, it’s far more profitable, too!

However, modern day fortune seekers are no different from those old west gold panners. Sell them the tools they need in order to make their own fortunes and you’ll make your fortune regardless of how these new "miners" fare.

"So what is this new ‘gold rush’ that’s going to make me a fortune and where is it happening?"

It’s happening at all the "Person to Person Exchanges", "Bookies" and "Totes" around the world. Since the advent of "Person to Person Exchanges" such as, an ever increasing number of people have been trying to make money via the Internet on sports and horse racing.

Most have little previous experience with either horse racing or sports and soon find that the winners they pick lose, while the losers they lay go on to win. A very frustrating situation, indeed!

But I’m not for a minute suggesting that you should join the greed and gouging that is going on at the exchanges. Not by any means!

Sure some made a big strike and went home with a big smile on their faces but most struggled to get by. Many lost their fortune and some even lost their lives.

No, those who made the most money from the gold rush were the people selling goods to the gold miners. In the old west, fortunes were made by those who stood on the banks. Just think "Levi Jeans".

Right now everyone either wants to become a bookie, or to follow thier selections believing that the better odds give them a chance of success. But does it really?

Figures released by Betfair show that only 2% of their clients won more than £15000 last year. That’s right – just TWO PERCENT! Not exactly odds to get excited about, are they? And your chances of getting rich this way would be very slim indeed.

As you no doubt already know, horse racing and all sports are fast becoming something of a leisure pastime for those with plenty of money to spend, but this type of "bettor" rarely has either the time or the inclination to pick their own selections.

But, rather than just put their money on any selection, they’ll happily pay an "expert" to make the choices for them. Why? Because they believe it gives them a better chance of winning, and winning is what betting is all about.

If YOU offer the expert advice that people want, you can make HUGE amounts of money from your favourite sport!

Nicholas Mayfield tried to run an sports advisory service before he came across this site. He failed. After studying our information, he started a new sports advisory service and hasn’t looked back.

"Hi, This is Nicholas Mayfield of, in the next few minutes I’d like to share with you my experiences of running a sports advisory service.

I first got into the sports advisory service business about five years… Read more…

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