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The Long Shot Report by Christian Blake

The Long Shot Report by Christian Blake
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What you get for $7: The Long Shot Report is a single page PDF document that lists my selections across a multitude of race tracks. The list will contain long shots and probable favorites. These are the horses that I’ll be wagering on for the day. Commentary is not provided. After your successful purchase, I will email the PDF document to you within 10 minutes. Purchases made after 4pm PST will be fulfilled at 6am the following morning. Purchase links will become active when reports are available. Click the BUY NOW link to purchase a report or continue reading to learn more about my handicaping process.

I typically review the full card from 14 to 18 tracks every day – that’s over 700 horses per day that I look at. Out of those, I’ll usually wager on no more than 10 or 15. My selections will always be from many different race tracks. If you live in an area where you are blocked from wagering on certain tracks, I suggest you open an online wagering account. When I’m not in Las Vegas or the Lake Tahoe area (Reno), I wager through an online wagering account that grants me access to every track currently running.

Purchase links will become active when reports become available. Always REFRESH your browser before purchasing.

My Handicapping Process: Unlike most handicappers, I don’t use speed figures. I focus on pace, class, and trips. As a result, my selections are often higher priced horses that the betting public overlooks. I’m not afraid to put a longshot on top of my selections, nor am I hesitant to name a potential favorite as the probable winner. I choose the horses that are standouts according to my criteria. Sometimes my predictions are extremely accurate (I often hit cold Daily Doubles and cold Trifectas). And sometimes my horses cross the finish line last. I’ve been handicapping horse racing for over 20 years. I’ve written two books on the subject (both are available at Amazon).

My Handicapping Goals: The selections inside The Long Shot report are standouts according to my handicapping experience. Not only do I look for horses that gave a strong previous performance, I tend to lean toward horses that will be ignored by most players, which is why my picks are usually long shots. Play them to Win, Place, or Show, or use them in your exotics. Just don’t ignore them, especially if they’re a high priced flyer. I will usually pick at least one winner per week that pays over $100, and many of my selections will finish second and pay handsomely on a Place wager.

View Sample Report: You may review previous reports along with their results at the bottom of this page. I encourage you to review a sample report before you make a purchase. Each report is a no-nonsense, single page PDF document that lists four horses per race. I do not provide commentary. The reports you find at the bottom of this page are the old version of my long shot report. As of 2-20-2013, I no longer provide 4 picks for every race. I simply provide you with a list of horses that I feel have a strong chance at winning their race.

First Time Starters: I will never list a first time starter as a selection, and if there are more than three first time starters within a race, I usually won’t provide selections.

How To Wager: I do not provide specific wagering guidance. Essentially, I’m a consultant. I give you my input relating to which horses I feel have… Read more…

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