Monday, May 13, 2013

Silver Lotto System : How To Win The Lottery 9 Out Of 10 Times

Silver Lotto System : How To Win The Lottery 9 Out Of 10 Times
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…While Players Who Use My 30-Minute, 100% Guaranteed Lottery System Are Winning Prizes In 9 Games Out Of 10 – Sometimes Only Spending A Tiny $10-$15 Each Game…

I shouldn’t be telling you this story. It’s embarrassing to talk about it even today.

I was struggling to live in a rented farm cottage and working from a cluttered desk while the stray goats bleated outside the window.

But I bounced back. And now I’m going to show you exactly what took me from rags-to-riches …and how my experience will help you get the jump on the lottery.

It wasn’t easy. But from my desperate state in that rented property, I discovered a lottery secret that launched me out of debt.

I’m enjoying life to the max now… the lifestyle, the cars and stuff I’m showing you here.

Take a look at this $2,000 Italian Phillippe Starck lamp design in the photo.

Giant TV’s? My 65" Panasonic tv is just one of 5 large screens dotted around my home. Got my eye on a new Samsung 110" tv too.

I’m revealing these gleaming trophies not to boast, but to point out that your life really can change for the better.

Mine did. It changed with the pure joy of suddenly nailing a system to beat the lottery … A chance which paid off with $2.1 million paper wins in the first few months!

And it continues today. My System has been giving me a mountain of cash… a small fortune annually… for many years.

You’re going to wake up tomorrow holding the reins to a fortune that takes barely 30 minutes to complete, a once-only step. And the best part? It’s so simple!

So why am I giving away the farm? Why don’t I just keep the secret in a bank vault, use it and gradually take over the world’s lottery games?

My System is so valuable that years ago I took the precaution of storing the original formula in a bank vault – well away from prying eyes!

Let’s be frank… I know it sounds too good to be true. You’re going to tell me that no "how to win the lottery" system can predict the jackpot winning numbers. Gotta be a scam, right?

It’s not. In fact it’s statistically impossible to win the jackpot with any system, even mine. But let me tell you in confidence…

My proven 23 year-old Silver Lotto System helps anyone who follows my instructions to get truly amazing results and multiple prizes. And it takes just a once-only 30 minute step to complete. You never have to do anything else again.

Proof? Many million-dollar winners. Many multiple prize winners. They’re all here on this page (and a lot more I simply haven’t had time or space to put here).

I get wins in over 9 out of every 10 games. And our thousands of winners – from the recent Oz Lotto $22.2 Million winner at the top of this page, to the other multi-million dollar winners – all know how successful my System is.

Here’s just a few of the lotto games that you can play using the Silver Lotto System:

It works almost like magic. With my System many Silver Lotto players get more frequent wins than with any other system I know.

Take a look at this mind-blowing example of multiple wins. I guarantee you’ll never see it anywhere else.

Just follow the easy step-by-step directions with my system from its password-protected site for any lottery game in the world, then… Read more…

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