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The betalay horse racing system

The betalay horse racing system
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betalay has an established and enviable reputation as an extremely powerful lay betting system, which is why it appeals to professional gamblers and novices alike. Now that you can bet on a horse to LOSE its’ race, our system enables you to generate consistent tax-free profits by selecting short-priced horses that WILL lose.

The betalay system is based upon in-depth statistical research covering the outcome of every British horse race for more than ten years.

You don’t need to be a computer expert or have any specialist knowledge of horse racing – and you don’t need a fortune to get started!

Once you have purchased the betalay system you will NOT incur any further costs in order to continually identify the qualifying selections – there are NO subscription fees.

The betalay system doesn’t need to be updated – the betting market itself automatically incorporates any updating (which you’ll fully understand when you purchase the system). Our track record speaks for itself and we have many satisfied customers who choose to provide glowing references – some of which can be seen in the testimonials section.

BACKGROUND After the launch of the betting exchanges in June 2000, for the first time, the general public were able to bet on a horse to lose (rather than win) its’ race. Recognising the obvious fact that most horses lose their race, we produced a formula to enable us to select horses which will consistently lose.

Firstly we obtained the detailed results of every horse race in Britain for the previous ten years. Using this giant database, we were able to test a unique filtering method based on a mathematical theory formed from our statistical analysis.

We found that if we applied our filtering technique on a daily basis we could identify a particular set of horses that were most likely to lose; and in order to ensure that our risks were minimised on the rare occasions when one of our selections do win, we set a maximum price cap of 8/1

Every race day since 1st July 2000, betalay has produced a set of selections most likely to lose; the result of placing a £25 bet on each of these selections has, on average, created an annual profit of over £24,000.

The key to our success is consistency, the strike rate for our selections averages a staggering 88%.

ALL of the results of our selections are listed in the results section of this website, and have been independently verified. When you purchase betalay you will be able to confirm that every single result was a qualifying system selection – simply by checking the detailed results on the Racing Post or Sporting Life websites.

EXCHANGE BETTING To lay a horse to lose you need to bet with a betting exchange rather than a traditional bookmaker.

With a traditional bookmaker the roles are very much pre-defined; the bookmaker lays each horse in the race, whilst the bettor backs the horse that he/she thinks will win – and there is no room for a bettor to lay a horse to lose.

In the case of the betting exchange – there are no bookmakers as such but, instead, a large gathering of bettors in one location (the exchange website) with conflicting points of view. Some want to back a horse at a certain price and others are willing to lay it. In effect, when you lay a horse to lose on a betting exchange YOU are acting in the same way as a bookmaker.

The big difference between bookmakers and betting exchanges is that the exchanges do… Read more…

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