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ODDSONUWIN: Investing in Fact Not Hunches.

ODDSONUWIN: Investing in Fact Not Hunches.
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The last 6 years has produced a mind boggling 5,767 points PROFIT, averaging 961 per year. Or £9,613.10 using £10 stakes

As you are here, i can only guess that you are looking for a system which makes regular profits and does exactly what is says on the tin. If so, we at Oddsonuwin CAN and DO deliver with an unusual and highly profitable approach that takes the guesswork out of the equation.

Sound and honest investments based on fact without sentiment. Take a look at our figures for the last 6 years:

UK JUMPS IRISH JUMPS All Weather UK FLAT IRISH FLAT TOTAL AVERAGE Jan 194.20 67.79 111.23 373.22 62.20 Feb 185.03 85.07 103.35 373.45 62.24 Mar 246.48 68.80 94.70 6.53 17.30 433.81 72.30

The above table represents what each racing discipline has accumulated over a 6 year period for the first quarter of the year. In RED are the average points in profit. March for instance, has averaged £723.00 using small £10 stakes for the past 6 years. NOTE: All figures are the AVERAGES. They are NOT what can be expected for each month religiously. The AVERAGE figure will change from year to year with some months producing no profit with others far exceeding their average expectancy.

UK JUMPS IRISH JUMPS All Weather UK FLAT IRISH FLAT TOTAL AVERAGE Apr 188.38 74.97 83.95 133.59 30.34 511.23 85.20 May 164.84 96.26 51.05 267.59 73.17 652.91 108.82 June 160.81 78.16 34.36 235.64 86.06 595.03 99.17

The second quarter of the year has been the most productive in relation to profit levels. Undoubtedly the busiest period in the racing calendar with the Flat season now in full flow along with the National Hunt racing. May is the pinnacle month with an astonishing average of over 108 points in profit. £1,088.20 in TAX FREE profit using affordable £10 stakes. Again, this figure is the average.

UK JUMPS IRISH JUMPS All Weather UK FLAT IRISH FLAT TOTAL AVERAGE July 92.09 92.02 33.25 233.08 77.10 527.54 87.92 Aug 77.12 100.50 50.00 266.97 83.66 578.25 96.37 Sep 66.98 63.11 38.60 165.74 51.71 386.14 64.36

During the third quarter of the year, you will notice a significant fall in the average points profit in September compared to the £963.70 that August has averaged over 6 years. There are two reasons for this. The first is that the National Hunt season takes a 2 week semester and the second is that as Autumn approaches, the Flat racing is made up predominantly of large field handicaps. Thus reducing the number of races where a short priced favourite is evident.

UK JUMPS IRISH JUMPS All Weather UK FLAT IRISH FLAT TOTAL AVERAGE Oct 192.42 91.84 57.90 117.32 39.82 499.30 83.21 Nov 259.00 128.74 68.48 13.00 469.22 78.20 Dec 207.81 110.42 49.64 367.87 61.31

As the final quarter of the year… Read more…

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