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Eachway Winners

Eachway Winners
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As places become available we will email you and these will be filled on a first come first served basis.

My name is Robert Taylor and Eachway Winners has been my secret weapon over the last 6 months. It has enabled me to produce profit month on month like no system I have ever used before.

From an average of 3 selections per day over the last 6 months I have been able to turn £25 each way bets into £3,542.50 in pure profit.

Eachway Winners is a service I put together mid last year. After a few months of paper trading and tweaking I started betting real money on the selections.

As I’ve already mentioned Eachway Winners averages around 3 bets per day. Somedays there are more, somedays less and there are occasional days where there are no selections.

In the past 6 months I have placed 436 each way bets (1pt each way) and have made profit after Betfair fees of 141.7pts.

Now this isn’t going to make you rich overnight but the jewel in the Eachway Winners crown is that is produced profit month on month.

Place the bets I send you each day to level stakes and at the end of each month you will have made a profit.

Our worst month to day was December, through 61 selections, we made just over 10pts profit, to small £10 bets this is still just over £100 in profit. In contrast out best month was the following month, Jan 14 in which we made 97 bets and made over £360 to small £10 stakes.

We are currently offering 200 memberships to Eachway Winners at an introductory price of £24.95 per month.

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As places become available we will email you and these will be filled on a first come first served basis.

Eachway Winners is a service put together to make steady profit month on month, some times we have poor months like December 2013 where we made just 10pts and other months we exceed 30pts.

A little further down the page you can download all our 436 bets, all the winners and all the losers but here are a few stats you may be interested in:

Take a look through the results and you will see Winners at 17.5 and 13.0 and Place Wins at 5.35 and 5.0.

Although we’ve not had a worse day last Friday came pretty close -5.55pts with the following selections:

13:30 – Lingfield – Barbary – Lost 14:00 – Lingfield – Officer In Command – Lost 15:35 – Lingfield – Lady Frances – Lost 16:10 – Lingfield – Welsh Sunrise – Placed @ 1.71 BPSP 16:45 – Lingfield – Hierarch – Placed @ 1.51 BPSP 20:35 – Wolverhampton – Mustajjid – Winner @ 1.92 BSP / Placed @ 1.44 BPSP

Obviously for Eachway Winners to be making profit month after month these days are few and far between.

Our best day to date was from 5 selections placed on the 20th January where we made a huge 24.24pts!

14:05 – Southwell – Nick The Odds – Winner @ 17.5 BSP / Placed @ 3.9 BPSP 14:40 – Southwell – Ace Master – Winner @ 6.25 BSP / Placed @ 3.05 BPSP 15:10 – Southwell – Noble Citizen – Winner @ 3.35 BSP / Placed @ 1.68 BPSP 15:40 – Southwell – Thorpe Bay – Lost 16:00 – Wolverhampton – Elusive Hawk – Lost

3 winners from 5 selections with a profit of 24.24pts (after Betfair fees) or £242.40 to £10 bets.

We’ve not manged to beat that day yet but we’re often… Read more…

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